RV Maintenance: What You Should Know


RVing is all the rage now, and everyone seems to want a taste of the lifestyle. But before you go on any adventures, there are a few steps you have to take.

The first is getting a camper loan to finance your RV purchase. When you’ve crossed that hurdle, you can begin to think about practicing driving your RV and planning a trip. Just like any other vehicle, an RV requires constant maintenance if it is to provide you with the level of enjoyment you deserve. Think of it as a give-and-take relationship.

You treat your camper well, and it drives smoothly and eliminates the need for constant repairs.

5 Maintenance tips every RV owner should implement

1. Regularly inspect the roof of your RV

RV roofs are easily susceptible to sun and environmental damage. Water damage alone can cost up to thousands of dollars in repair, so regular inspection of the roof seals and seams is in order. Have an RV cover installed on your property, or simply store your RV under a carport.

This will keep it protected from weather damage while in storage. If you’re a full-time RVer, an RV cover may not be a viable option, so be sure to get your roof inspected and cleaned of dirt and debris regularly.

2. Change oil and oil filters regularly

A regular oil change helps to ensure the proper performance of your RV’s engine. During an oil change, be sure to install a new engine oil filter and drain the old engine oil, replacing it with fresh, clean oil.

Oil and oil filter changes help to prevent the engine from seizing while extending the engine life of your vehicle.

3. Check your tire pressure

Tires can lose several pounds from daily use. Changes in temperature such as a rise in temperature can also affect your tires, causing rapid pressure loss. For those hot summer months, you need to extra vigilant so we recommend that you conduct regular pressure checks on your tires.

4. Inspect your RV for damage

Conduct regular inspections on both the interior and exterior of your RV. Look out for cracks in the seals of the windows and doors or potential entry points for birds and rodents.

Wax the exterior and apply lubricant to areas like the hitch, entry steps, and leveling jacks where metal rubs on metal to prevent rust.

5. Service your RV generator

The generator is a top priority in every recreational vehicle. As your constant source of electricity, your generator requires regular maintenance if it’s to function effectively. Inspect your air and fuel filters for leaks before you start it up and also ensure the oil level is safe.

Keeping your RV dormant for months can also pose a problem for your generator, so be sure to run it regularly.


Think about the hefty investment you’ve made in your RV. This alone should motivate you to devote time to its preventative care and maintenance. With the high cost of repairs, these tips should help protect your investment and minimize unnecessary expenses.

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