Top Gadgets Every Construction Vehicle Should Have


On a busy construction site, anything that boosts efficiency and safety is invaluable. While heavy equipment like dozers, excavators and dump trucks are built rugged, there are some cool gadgets that can make operator life easier and more productive. From diagnostic tools to back-up cameras and beyond, here are the top gadgets to equip your construction vehicles.

Diagnostic Scanners

When a warning light illuminates on your equipment’s dashboard, you will want to quickly identify the issue. An OBD (onboard diagnostic) scanner plugged into the engine’s data port lets you easily read trouble codes right on the spot.

More advanced professional-grade scan tools go even further. With visual wiring diagrams and live data streaming, they help pinpoint failed sensors, wiring faults and other root causes behind check engine and emission system alerts.

Backup Cameras and Sensors

Avoiding collisions and other incidents is critical on crowded worksites. Increase visibility all around your equipment with backup and side-view cameras. Wireless camera systems are easy to install almost anywhere.

For extra safety, couple cameras with backup sensor systems. As objects get closer, in-cab warning lights and audible alerts help operators recognize potential hazards they may miss visually.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

Under-inflated or over-inflated tires are the downfall of many construction vehicles and cause excessive wear, blowouts, and poor traction control. Real-time tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) take out the guesswork.

Color-coded wireless sensors mount on each wheel, communicating pressure and temperature data to a central dash monitor. The system alerts when any tire’s pressure is out of the optimum range.

Laser Level and Measuring

For setting accurate grades and digging depths or calculating volumes of materials, laser levels and measuring tools are indispensable. They are much faster than guesswork with measuring tapes.

Self-leveling lasers project bright, horizontal or vertical guide beams visible up to 100 yards away. Use them for laying foundations, footings, retaining walls and more. Combination units can measure slope and elevation changes, too.

Hand-held laser distance meters and imaging tools calculate linear dimensions or area/volume readings instantly just by aiming them. Some even integrate Bluetooth to your smart devices.

Dash Cams and Trackers

Dash cams are not just for personal vehicles these days. They offer valuable benefits for construction fleets to improve accountability and security.

Windshield-mounted cameras continuously record HD footage in case you need evidence of an incident. Some have dual-facing cameras to capture the view from the cab too. Footage can help exonerate your operators if there is an accident.

Add GPS fleet tracking too. The tracking systems use cellular networks to monitor your equipment’s location in real-time and log travel histories. That deters unauthorized usage or theft, while also improving utilization and dispatch efficiency on large sites.

Jump Starters and Chargers

Heavy-duty batteries are the lifeblood of construction vehicles. But even those large 12V or 24V power cells eventually lose their charge, especially if engines sit idle for periods on the job.

Having a rugged portable 24-volt jumpstarter on hand ensures you can always fire up equipment quickly when needed. According to the experts over at, these rechargeable lithium battery packs provide enough cranking power to energize big engine starters repeatedly.

Battery chargers and maintainers help extend battery life between jobs. Utilizing different charging stages and float monitoring, they properly replenish and then maintain optimal charge levels while the vehicle is parked.


Modern technology makes operating and maintaining construction fleets safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective. Just a few key gadgets deliver a big return on investment through increased productivity, equipment longevity and monitoring capabilities that prevent larger issues from developing.

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