Why Changing Discs Brakes Are Necessary


If you care for your own life and want to protect your passengers and fellow road users, you should change the disc brakes on time. After all, these elements are responsible for the braking process, which means the car’s controllability at the right time. If you frequently neglect this, it could lead to the car’s skidding to the side, which can cause a serious accident. Moreover, even minor wear on the brake discs can lead to:

  • The braking system destruction, which will attract additional costs.
  • Seized caliper and brake fluid leaking.
  • Further destruction of the braking elements.

Most often, the discs are also replaced while replacing the brake pads visiting the car service station in Hyderabad. However, in some cases, the destruction of auto parts can also occur over time.

Brake disc wear signs 

Every car owner wants to have clear instructions on when to change elements of his car. However, it is very challenging for car manufacturers to provide such recommendations since car wear depends on multiple factors:

  • Driving Style: If you love to drive recklessly on the road, then the wear of all the elements and assemblies are inevitable.
  • Road Quality: On roads with lots of bumps, the braking system wears out faster.
  • Car Brands: Most often, car manufacturers do not indicate the service life of disc brakes. However, car parts are usually selected based on general technical characteristics of the brand and model of the car.
  • The leak of brake fluid: This happens because the worn-out cylinders and discs are extended, jamming the caliper, which provokes a leak.
  • The block heats up quickly: The disc often heats red. In addition, if while accelerating the car gets into a puddle, then the disk will crack from sudden cooling.
  • Decreased controllability: In such cases, the steering wheel starts to jump” and pull to the side. This also represents damage to the front discs.
  • Over time, with the usage, the brake becomes too soft and the braking distance is twisted. This indicates wear on the rear discs.
  • The appearance of a “squealing” sound while braking. Such issues indicate wear on the rear suspension discs.
  • When you find mechanical damage or noticeable wear on the discs.
  • You have recently had an accident, and the brake discs have been deformed.

How to check brake disc wear 

Minor chips and cracks can be easily identified while visually inspecting car discs. However, replacement of such parts using car repair in Hyderabad are also necessary when they become thinner. In such cases, you will be required to measure the thickness of the discs.

If your car is still equipped with the original brake discs, such wear can be easily determined independently, even without knowing the specific technical characteristics of such parts. As a rule, the maximum and minimum allowable width of the element is printed on its rim.

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