5 Top-of-the-Line Semi Trucks Worth Considering


When you are thinking of adding a truck to your fleet, the first thing that may come to your mind is which brand to buy. While certain truck brands prove to be more cost-effective than others, the price that you have to pay will usually be worth it as you get one of the best and most durable trucks in the market. This article lists down some of the top-of-the-line semi trucks that are worth considering adding to your fleet or beginning your line.


One of the best truck manufacturers in the industry is Mack, which is an American company established in 1900. Make sure to explore online sources because this is where you will be able to find a Mack semi truck for sale at a very reasonable price. The great part is that the trucks produced by this company are built to last. They also offer a wide range of big rigs for you to choose from such as the Anthem, Pinnacle, Granite, LR, TerraPro, as well as MD series to name a few.


Another top-of-the-line semi truck that is worth considering is one that comes from the truck manufacturer Kenworth. Apart from medium-duty trucks, this truck manufacturer also offers the T680 next-gen series that are all made of Paccar engines, axles, and transmissions. They also offer the T880 work truck as well as the W990 that will allow you to own the road.


Peterbilt is another renowned truck manufacturer that was established in 1939. Their trucks are known to be smooth and efficient because of the Paccar TX-8 automatic transmission. With Peterbilt, you have the choice of getting the 520EV model that is now considered as a new era of class or the next generation of transportation technology. When you go for a Peterbilt truck, you won’t have a hard time sourcing the parts and services that you need whenever necessary.


There is also the option for you to go for a Freightliner truck that is known to be top of the line because of its optimal performance. Rest assured that with the superior service of this truck manufacturer, you will have the chance to enjoy a lowered cost of ownership. With the Smart Source app integrated into the trucks of Freightliner, you will always find a means to stay connected.


Finally, you can also go for a truck manufactured by Volvo because they offer various lines that are specifically designed to suit a certain purpose. For instance, the Volvo FH is the ultimate truck that is perfect for the long haul. There is also the Volvo FH16 that balances power and comfort for the benefit of the driver.

Final Word

The semi-truck brands listed above are only some of the ones that you need to consider in case you are thinking of beginning a fleet or adding units into it. There are various other ones that you can still consider but just keep in mind that the best big rig will always depend on your specific needs and preferences.

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