Tips for maintaining your car


When was the last oil change for your car? How soon will you need to change your tires, brake pads or spark plugs? Difficult to navigate since the last visit to your mechanic.

And yet, to avoid being stranded on the side of the highway, it is better to take care of your vehicle. Coupe, sedan, station wagon or convertible – whatever the model of your car, the points to be checked for your safety on the road remain the same:

Check the tire pressure;
Monitor the level of the various levels: coolant, brake fluid, oil level;
Test the condition of the battery;
Check the condition of the tires;
Also check the condition of the brakes;
Check the condition of the lights.

General information on auto maintenance and repair

The maintenance and possible repair of your car can weigh heavily on your car budget, but they are not expenses to be taken lightly. Mechanic, auto dealer, service station or technical control center, auto service professionals are always on call. They will be able to inspect your car from the windshield wipers to the engine to the traffic lights and detect the repairs to be made and the parts to be changed.

The more you have knowledge of auto mechanics, the more you will feel at ease in the event of a breakdown or at your garage. In addition to maintenance operations and technical repairs , there are also those who pamper their car from the dashboard to the bodywork. Because each driver is different, it is necessary to take stock of the essentials to know to properly maintain your car.

car maintenance

Prices and repairs . Has your car decided not to start? No need to procrastinate. You have to bring it to the garage. It is the stress that begins. Will the fault be detected and repaired? Will the final mark be salty?

Know that garage owners have a duty to inform you about the prices they charge. The display of their prices is compulsory, in particular for services such as changing a windshield, an exhaust or a tire.

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