Factors to consider before installing a guardrail system


In most cases, unguarded stairwells, floor holes and roof edges tend to be workplace hazards. But fortunately there are various products that can make the area much safer and this includes installing a custom-made or pre-built guardrail system. To find these products, you can get in touch with Safety Barriers Suppliers online. Guardrail protection is essential for temporary hazards. Even getting a simple railing system will allow workers to go up and down stairs more safely. If you intend to set up the right guardrail, you need to consider a few things while making your choice. Here’s a short checklist you can refer to.

Compliance and regulations: Various regulations apply for worksite fall-protection. Employers should be protected with guardrail systems from falling to lower levels. All platforms should measure four feet or above the adjacent floor and must be protected by standard guardrail on all open sides. If it is a loading dock, roof or any other open space, a way to reliably prevent falls of people and material to lower levels is needed. While selecting a guardrail, such guidelines should be kept in mind by following all safety regulations, which can otherwise carry a hefty fine.

Permanent vs. removable guardrails: When you choose a Guardrail System, consider for how long you might want to use them in terms of the duration. Temporary guardrails are not directly drilled into structural elements. Permanent guardrails can be more secure, stable and durable but they can be more expensive and might even take longer to install. You may also lose the ability to reuse the equipment without making major changes.

Ease in installation: Most products don’t require drilling into the flooring or rooftop materials to install. It can save a lot of time and installation costs. The clamp can be swivelled into place to lock onto the edge of the entire structure. If you are looking for a more permanent solution, opt for products with fall protection. Many guardrail systems are portable and can be re-assembled and dismantled as the need arises – this provides greater mobility.

Flexibility: A temporary guardrail system is more versatile and easier to configure to the jobsite’s specific dimensions and needs. This also makes it easier to meet the regulations such as placing toe boards between the bases. The guardrails can be fitted with custom-sized toe boards to match the requirement.

Durability: Even short-term construction safety equipment needs to stand up to the wear and tear of heavy day use and resist degradation caused by harsh climate. It’s also good to look at slip resistant or weatherproof options that can fit base plates with non-slip pads. It can eliminate chances of slipping and can help to cushion the base if it is installed on a sensitive material like rubber roofing. You can also use pins with locks rather than screws to easily see the whole locking system and to be confident about its security.

If you’re looking to buy guardrail systems and related products that can offer safety and security to people, look for safety barriers suppliers online as they offer products in bulk for a reasonable price.

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