Everything you need to know about online auto insurance


During your life as a motorist, you will necessarily have to take out one or more auto insurance contracts. And for this type of contract, you could choose to purchase auto insurance online. How it works ? What are the differences  cheap auto insurance with conventional auto insurance? Assurland tells you everything.

Online Auto Insurance: What Is It Exactly?

Classic auto insurance and online auto insurance: what’s the difference?
Unlike traditional auto insurance, online auto insurance does not have a physical agency or agent. Thus, whether it is for the subscription of the contract, the declaration of a loss or to request a specific document, all the procedures are carried out 100% online, and this, directly on the website of the insurer or then by phone with an advisor.

Why buy auto insurance online?

Buying auto insurance online saves time. Indeed, the process is very easy and above all, very fast. Why ? Simply because you no longer need to move , everything can be done from your sofa directly on the Internet or by phone. Even all of the documents needed to purchase your auto insurance online can be transmitted securely over the Internet.

In addition, taking out auto insurance online sometimes means being able to benefit from more advantageous rates since insurers have no costs incurred in managing physical agencies.

Online auto insurance: specialized insurers

Due to only offering online services, some automobile insurers have the possibility of specializing in certain types of contracts, in certain offers, and especially certain profiles. These profiles also concern drivers deemed to be at risk, that is to say young drivers, senior drivers, terminated drivers or even disqualified. And for people who don’t drive much, there are online auto insurers that offer online auto insurance offers such as mileage insurance .

How to buy auto insurance online?

Since online insurers do not have physical branches, it can sometimes be difficult to get an overview of the services available in the market. This is why by using an online auto insurance comparator , you can get all the quotes you want in just a few clicks. Then all you have to do is choose the online auto insurance contract that suits you best, and at the best price!

Get an online auto insurance quote

How to get an online auto insurance quote using an insurance comparator? It’s simple. Once the questionnaire has been completed, you access a results page presenting all the rates offered by the insurers . It is therefore possible for you, in the blink of an eye, to have a view of all the services and prices on the market. After that, all you have to do is select the online auto insurance offer of your choice and subscribe to it.

Auto insurance online: how is the subscription?

Once the online auto insurance comparison has been made, and once you have selected the offer that suits you, it is very easy to purchase online . You have two choices: be called back by an advisor to finalize the subscription by telephone, or go directly to the insurer’s website to finalize the subscription via the Internet.

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