5 tips to keep your car like new!


The condition of your car can quickly deteriorate when it is not properly maintained. However, there are simple but effective solutions that keep your vehicle’s original shine. How to keep your vehicle as new? This article will answer this essential question, which will provide you with 5 tips to avoid premature degradation of your car.

The plastics in the doors and the dashboard dry out over time. You can prevent them from losing their shine by using protective cleansers made from vegetable waxes. The use of such products also provides effective protection against fading, UV rays and dust deposits. They are also effective in removing traces of grease or preventing fogging on glass surfaces.

Use a sanitizing spray to purify the air in the cabin of your vehicle
The spray Puressentiel sanitizer is also a product which you have to think in your search for solutions to preserve the luster of your vehicle. It allows you to effectively purify the air inside your car. It is therefore a solution with which you can eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi and mites.

Maintain glass surfaces and alloy rims properly

The rims as well as the glass surfaces of your car are elements that you should not neglect if you want to keep it as new. For glass parts, for example, protective cleaners based on vegetable waxes prevent the formation of fogging as well as the deposit of traces of grease and many others. Also consider special treatment for your alloy rims to keep them looking good for a reasonable period of time.

Take care of the leather seats

If you don’t want your leather seats to harden, clog or crack, you must maintain them with suitable products. Use special creams for this. These ensure your seats shine and flexibility in addition to preventing them from premature aging.

Think about adhesive strips to avoid small scratches

Whether it is to park in a cramped parking lot or in traffic, the risks of scratches to which your car is exposed are very real. It is for this reason that you should use the adhesive strips. These protective films that you can stick to places such as mirrors, doors and shields also provide protection for your car against chippings.

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