A 100% electric and autonomous Audi truck soon?


While Audi has never ventured into the heavy-duty niche before, it seems that the longing to see a ring-branded truck driving the roads is itching for many Audi fans. It is in this context that two digital artists have taken on the challenge of creating a “Truck for Audi”. The designers Artem Smirnov and Vladimir Panchenko thus worked on two futuristic concepts and published their work on Instagram asking Internet users to vote for the one they prefer. The work and the rendering are remarkable and the creations of the two designers have not gone unnoticed on the Web. Discover now the two “Truck for Audi” projects.

An autonomous electric truck for the road

This first project aims to demonstrate that we can revolutionize the design and ergonomics of trucks while optimizing their aerodynamics. Looking at the drawings and videos of these two designers, we immediately say that trucks have changed little for a long time. The result is striking and spectacular. The number of wheels is fewer, the lines are clean, the size of the windshield is gigantic, the grille is full, the size of the lights is lengthened etc. Impossible to list all the characteristics as there are so many. The tractor is surprising and looks like a technological object, somewhere between a central PC unit and a stylish hi-fi system. The end result is magnificent and would be a hit on the road.

An electric truck in Formula 1 design

The second concept is even more surprising: a truck that evokes a racing car! At first glance it looks like the first draft. But one sizeable element sets it apart: the cockpit is on the outside! Yes, you read that right, the driver drives in the open, over the tractor. Suddenly, he has to wear a helmet and looks more like a pilot than a driver. The idea is surprising and terribly innovative. However, once the element of surprise has passed, our reflection prompts us to question the relevance of an open cabin. What about rainy days?

These projects are only at the sketch stage. Nevertheless, it is clear that the number of views and votes for these projects prove the interest of a renewal in the world of heavyweights. Maybe in the next few years Audi will come to Mercedes’ beds with its own trucks. Moreover, if Audi launches the first electric truck on the market with such a revolutionary design, for sure it would mark a big blow in the sector.

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