The best accessories you need to have in your car!


What accessories should you have in your car? Which ones, during your journeys, simplify your life? The ones that keep you out of trouble? Or even those that offer you additional comfort? And among all these car accessories, which ones are really essential? We went fishing for information and news, and we have selected a handful of products that could make your driving times much more enjoyable!

The best accessories for your car

It is the time of the great summer departures and sometimes the road is long, very long! Often, when we are behind the wheel, we realize that we are missing a bunch of accessories in our car. So, some are essential and it would be almost unconscious to drive with them, others are useful and make driving more enjoyable, still others are optional and contribute more to the comfort of the driver, without being really essential. Then there are the nifty gadgets, which are useful, smart and practical at the same time!

Anyway, no matter what, we shouldn’t hesitate to equip ourselves with car accessories, they make our life easier, can save us trouble, and sometimes, they make the passenger’s journey more comfortable!

Protect your auto accessories

GPS, rims, car radio… Unless you have opted for an all-risk car insurance plan, accessories are rarely taken into account in guarantees.

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Considered as an integral part of your vehicle, only original or standard equipment listed in the manufacturer’s catalog is automatically covered in the event of damage by your car insurance.

You should take out additional coverage in your auto insurance contract to protect your other accessories. Certain optional guarantees of the Groupama Conduire contract cover, for example, your accessories if they are accidentally damaged or stolen: car radio, roof box, luggage, smartphones, GPS, computers and their peripherals….

On the reimbursement side, you can be compensated up to the value of your accessories declared at the time of the accident. If they are not new, an expert may be appointed by your insurer. He will then apply an obsolescence coefficient according to their presumed wear. However, make sure that the amount of your compensation is greater than your deductible!

Useful accessories

Those there, they are not essential, but frankly, it is not far from it at all! Indeed, they are both useful and practical, and offer the driver more comfort!

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